Nurturing brain development

Welcome to BrainyTot, the back-to-what’s-natural blog where we share ideas for nurturing optimal brain development in our little ones during those all-important first years. Along with learning ABCs and 123s, acquiring emotional skills and enjoying plenty of developmentally appropriate body movement ensures a child is ready to learn. The great news is that babies pop from the womb with their brains already wired for learning; we just need to know the best ways to encourage this natural process.

Recent years have brought an increased emphasis on teaching school content to younger and younger children. While this is not the primary work of toddlers, there are wonderful developmentally-appropriate ways to introduce letters, sounds, and numbers to toddlers.  The really young learn most readily through pictures, stories, music, games, and a whole lot of hands-on play.

Read what the experts have to say about emotional skills such as listening, choice-making, and thinking ahead. And visit our learning pages to find engaging alphabet resources, numbers learning materials, and supportive games and activities to use with your child. To read what is happening in the brain during these early months and years, read the sub pages under emotional intelligence, brain basics, and brainy body movement.

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