3 Reasons Why You Should Teach Sight Words to Preschoolers

Why teach sight words to preschoolers? ddd

1. You will prevent possible failure: By taking action early, it is likely that you will be able to create a path of success for a child and therefore prevent any possible failure, labeling, and confidence loss. Some might ask, “But what if my child would have done fine without early intervention?” However, the problem is that we do not know for sure which child is going to struggle, so to be sure that they don’t, we introduce words early in developmentally appropriate ways before formal schooling beings.

2. You will ensure success by teaching to their strengths: If you teach sight words to preschoolers using methods and materials that make use of their primary ways of learning, you will provide them with a background that will ready the child for any kindergarten requirement. At this age, it is important to teach using body movement and visuals since many tots cannot memorize plain words. Our SnapWords® sight words with pictures, images and body movement, learning will seem like play for young children.


3. You will provide relevance for what they learn in kindergarten: Using SnapWords®sight words with pictures, you will be able to reach the beginners who struggle with the little details of learning to read, such as letter names and sounds. Many children learn best from whole to part and without that, they get lost in the details. By providing a child with an arsenal of words with meaning, they will “get” what reading is! The child will understand from the beginning that reading is not just sounds put together, but instead is extracting meaning from those words.

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