Tips for Teaching Preschoolers High-Frequency Words

Drill and memorization have no place with preschoolers.

We sometimes underestimate what very young children can pick up on. While learning is important, free play is equally important to our little learners. Not only that, but many kids learn, without even knowing it, through free play.

Tips for Exposing Your Preschoolers to High-Frequency Words in a Kid-Friendly Way

1. Make a sight word display at their eye level using a corkboard or a pocket chart.

2. Display SnapWords®  sight words cards in this area and then leave them there like you would a decoration.


3. Be sure to locate the display in an area where the preschoolers play, and they will be drawn naturally to that area to look at the colorful words and images.

4. Follow their lead. If they point to a word, tell them what it is. If they walk away and play, let them go. If they ask about another word, tell them that word and comment on what is going on in the picture.


5. Rearrange the words from time to time so that they are not always in the same spot. Group them in pairs so that a phrase is formed such as “come here” or “sit down.” This will make an impression on the children that words actually mean something. You don’t have to teach this concept, the children will simply take in this information on their own.

6. Make coloring materials available to the preschoolers so they can draw pictures of their favorite words if they want.

7.  Numbers & Colors are a great place to start with preschoolers. Lay out the cards and let the child match objects to their colors or let them count the correct number of objects they have in front of them.

1112 1111

9. When you eat a meal, ask children to identify which color words are on their plates, or, have them choose three color cards and make up a funny lunch with foods in their chosen colors. Let them color their funny lunch on a paper plate that has not been plastic- or wax-coated.

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